2800 Tatabánya,
Kőrösi Csoma Sándor tér 7. I. em. 5.
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My name is Ildikó DELI - BALOGH M.D. I am a lady's doctor in Hungary, in Győr, 53, Damjanich street. The building of the surgery and office is in the left bank of the river Mosoni-Danube.  I am  specialist: gyanecologist and obstetritian. I work alone in my pivate practice from 1997 as a director of Lady's Doctor Medical Company Ltd

I am inventor  of the  Lady Climax Tea , Lady Cycle Tea and Lady Vital Tea.  These teas produces and distributes Hungarian  HERBÁRIA Company in Hungary. I cure with Western Medicine combined traditional Hungarian herbal medicine. I use integrative medicine for solution problems of my patients.  Ladies like the "soft therapy" first.  Sometime I suggest homeopathy, too.

I can speak Hungarian, English,  German, Russian.

I help for girls and women in menstrual disorders, cycle anomaly, infertility, contraceptions, gravidity,  obesity, PCOS, menopausal symptoms, and prevent osteoporose. I insert into uterus IUD or IUS Mirena for contraception,  treat infections, inflammations.

I make gynaecological examination, colposcopy, microscopy, ultrasound, Pap-score, HPV-score, STD-screening.

I give advice for solution personal problems,  pregnancy, short and long time contraception,  reduce menstrual bleeding, reduce hot flushes, increase bone mineral density.

I prescribe recipes for cure. You can find medicines in pharmacies.


L a d y's D o c t o r Kft. Dr. Deli Balogh Ildikó - MagyarL a d y's D o c t o r Kft. Dr. Deli Balogh Ildikó - AngolL a d y's D o c t o r Kft. Dr. Deli Balogh Ildikó - Német